Frequently Asked Questions

What do your mailboxes cost?
Due to the many options and styles available and quantity discounts for subdivisions, we ask that you contact us directly for a customized quotation.  Mailboxes at home improvement stores are not all aluminum (usually having thin steel bodies), have no personalized addresses, and come uninstalled. If you shop on the Internet or upscale home improvement stores, you will find prices in the $500+ range and then you need to install them somehow. We are confident that our prices are the best available.

Is it durable?
Yes. Aluminum will never rust! You must touch this mailbox in person to realize how sturdy it is! It is concreted into the ground when installed. An important consideration as well is that replacement parts are available.

We have received a quote for much less than from Mailbox Makeovers. Why shouldn’t we pick them?
Most of the companies who charge less are saying “aluminum” when it is actually a steel box on an aluminum post. Steel will rust – you can check if it’s steel by placing a magnet on it. If it’s steel the magnet will stick. Also, check out the hinge & don’t be fooled by inexpensive thin steel boxes that look nice but won’t hold up over time.

How can we get everyone to participate?
If you educate your homeowners and allow them a voice, you can eventually get support from over 70% and can proceed.  Some that oppose are fully to be expected.  However, after the installation of over 70%, the remaining ones will change to the new mailbox style over time and the covenants can be changed.

Will this add to my resale value and the values in our subdivision?
Absolutely!! Sometimes small expenditures can have a big bang for the buck – this is definitely one of those cases! This should be one selling point to the residents.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, it is on workmanship for 1 year.  Although we use the best paint and painting process possible with great success, we cannot warranty repainting due to the many variables and harsh outdoor exposure.

Are different styles or colors available?
Yes, several options of arm support brackets, colors, and even posts are available beyond our standard offerings. We will work with you and then urge that a single choice be provided for the sake of consistency.

Can people install these on their own?
Yes, but this is discouraged. We can quote an uninstalled price, however, it is a fair amount of work — they may need to drill holes to install the plaque, dig the post at the same depth as others, use concrete so it does not start leaning in a year, etc. They should call to have utilities marked, and be extremely careful not to hit cables.

I am not a homeowner association and don’t need a large quantity. Can I just order one?
Yes. We have an online store that allows you to order our mailboxes and plaques for delivery to your address anywhere in the country. You will need to do the installation yourself or hire a local contractor but if you are in the Atlanta metro area, just select “with Local Installation” and we will do all the work. 

How long does it take after an order is placed?
This depends on the quantity and model that is ordered, and whether there was a special request involved. If local installation is selected, we will enter the work order for our installer who sets his own schedule — we estimate 5-7 days but it is sometimes sooner.  In most cases, there is no need to coordinate and you do not need to be there.

Why do I see Paypal during checkout and is the payment processing secure?
PayPal, acquired by eBay in 2002, has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 164 million accounts worldwide. We use the secure PayPal service to process credit cards on our behalf. You have the option of logging into Paypal if you already have an account with them, or you may just pay using a major credit card (called Guest). When you pay with a credit card, PayPal processes the credit card transaction and we never see or keep your credit card number on our site. Once your payment through PayPal is validated, we receive an authorization and process the order.  We do not currently take credit cards over the phone.