NEW YEAR NEW MAILBOX- All Aluminum Mailboxes

Dive into the what makes our ALL ALUMINUM mailboxes such a worthwhile investment in your neighborhood

Aluminum mailboxes have become increasingly popular in the past 15 years or so due to their
decorative appeal, their rust resistance, and their light weight. Steel ones can rust to where it is difficult
to refurbish. Cast iron ones are exceedingly heavy and became so expensive to ship that they are not
available anymore. Wood mailbox posts will eventually rot and must be replaced. They also can get
whittled down from string trimmers. There are very few people still doing wood working for ones that
are more decorative.

Wood mailboxes and street sign posts were popular in the 70’s but just like so many aspects of home
trends, these convey a “dated” look compared to other subdivisions who have converted to black
aluminum mailboxes and decorative street signs. Working with Homeowner Associations (HOA’s),
Mailbox Makeovers can do this neighborhood-wide transformations.

Like anything outside, however, the elements can take a toll and even aluminum mailboxes and street
signs may need to be refreshed. Unlike wood which needs to be replaced, aluminum ones usually can
be cleaned and repainted and straightened and look new again after 8-10 years. Although conscientious
homeowners can do occasional refurbishing, most subdivisions hire Mailbox Makeovers to do this
refurbishment for all the aluminum mailboxes or street signs in the neighborhood.

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