Welcome Back to Mailbox Makeovers!

Mailbox Makeovers founder Bruce McCown gives you insight on what makes his local mailbox company so special.

Who are we?

Mailbox Makeovers has completed seventeen years in business and has installed more than 7000 mailboxes, 300 street signs, and has installed or shipped more than 600 Outdoor Message Centers. But you may not know too much about myself or what my company stands for! Because of the fast paced social media world we are in today, I have finally decided to take an active approach on the internet to share with you what makes our company so special!

My name is Bruce McCown and I founded Mailbox Makeovers in 2005 after, as an HOA president, I had used all my engineering skills to select the best mailbox for our small neighborhood. I realized this was a need in thousands of neighborhoods across Atlanta and even further.

I also love singing and joined a Barbershop Harmony Chorus in 2016, called The Big Chicken Chorus (Marietta GA). I formed a Quartet with 3 other men, called “Classic Cuts” and we have performed in countless regional competitions and Holiday Shows. I have four children and believe in putting faith and family first.

I strive to inspire my children by holding my company to a high level of excellence while operating with the utmost integrity. That means creating high quality products and offering friendly customer service. I’ve always taught my children to be problem solvers and that’s exactly what we aim to do as a company as well.

What is the “Makeovers” part?

We can “Makeover” a neighborhood by replacing the older wood mailboxes with newer black aluminum ones that last longer and look more appealing. We also offer individual homeowners (custom repairs) and whole neighborhoods a “Makeover” that simply involves fresh coat of paint and other fixes to bring the mailbox back to its original condition.

We offer a variety of stylish yet classic mailboxes and street sign and Outdoor message center designs that add value and prestige to the communities we work with. We sell the Outdoor Message Center on a separate website (OutdoorMessageCenter.com)

Our competitively priced products include installation of the new boxes and street signs and removal of the old ones in the greater Atlanta area.

Once you hire Mailbox Makeovers, you can be assured that your installation will go smoothly and that our products will not rust or deteriorate; looking new for years to come.

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