Information for homeowner associations and property managers


If you are a Homeowner Association Board Member, we want you to know that we understand the responsibility that you have to your community. In fact, Mailbox Makeovers was born out of the research and needs of the founder who was the President of his homeowner association.

Initially, we explore what your requirements are and possible solutions. Since seeing our products is so important, we will strive to bring display models to your most important meetings. We will discuss with you how you might fund the purchase as there are many approaches. For example, some HOA’s fund a discount amount in order to incent homeowners to send in the balance by a certain date. The largest participation provides the best pricing and the most impressive results.

Depending on where you are in the process, you can be assured to eventually learn more about mailboxes than you ever dreamed was possible! We are confident that the more you work with us and compare us to others, the more confidence you will have in both our product and our people. We have worked hard to have strong reference accounts.

If you are on the Board or a Committee, we want the opportunity to make a proposal.


You are in position to provide our name to the Board members who may be starting the process of evaluating a makeover. Your services may be engaged to assist in the process. Either way, we want to be considered in any evaluation that occurs.

Referrals are critical to our business! If you know of a subdivision that is interested or already considering a mailbox or street sign makeover, please let us know. If your referral leads to a sale, we will thank you with a cash bonus, as follows:

  • Over 200 mailboxes $500
  • 101 – 199 mailboxes $350
  • 50 – 100 mailboxes $200
  • Over 10 street signs $200

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