Some words from our clients…

Aluminum Mailboxes“What a difference the mailboxes have made to the look of Bayswater! We are extremely pleased with the quality of the mailboxes, the thoroughness and attention to detail relating to the installation.  Mailbox Makeovers was a delight to work with.  They both made sure everything was completed to our satisfaction.  We made a great choice when we selected Mailbox Makeovers.”

Lisa Sims, Secretary
Bayswater HOA
Marietta, GA

Rust Free Street Signs“The Homeowners of Fairway Estates were very pleased with the street and traffic signs provided to us Mailbox Makeovers. They even helped us with the logo for the street signs, and that really added a touch of professionalism to the entire project. From the first meeting through to the final installation, everything that Mailbox Makeovers promised was delivered and within the budget we agreed. The signs bring a unique look to a very unique community, and are a positive addition to the neighborhood.”

Ray Challis, President
Fairway Estates Homeowner’s Association
Woodstock, GA

Customizable Street Signs “Turnbury Oaks HOA was reviewing several bids for street sign replacements and selected Mailbox Makeovers as our final choice. The reason was a competitive price but not the cheapest price – the reasons for us choosing Mailbox Makeovers was that we felt very confident in their ability to accomplish the job to the best interest of the subdivision, good quality products, and the company’s team showed us a professional demeanor through the entire process. We chose Mailbox Makeovers – they provided to us powerpoint examples, drew up the sign blades custom for Turnbury Oaks which was easy to show and build excitement among the rest of the board, and their follow up and ability to provide to us accurate dates to set the right expectations for our neighborhood was well above our expectations. This professionalism from Mailbox Makeovers quickly turned into a board vote and the order was placed. When installation was completed – we have had nothing but excitement, compliments and appreciation from our community. I would recommend Mailbox Makeovers to any HOA considering street signs and we are so confident in their ability we are now reviewing plans to change out our mailboxes with Mailbox Makeovers.”

Dave Watson, President
Turnbury Oaks HOA
Duluth, GA

Aluminum Street Sign “The Hadfield Homeowner’s Association greatly appreciates the quality, professionalism and value you provided for our Street Signage Program.  The membership is delighted with the upscale look the new signs provide and the attractiveness to new potential home buyers shopping in the subdivision. We looked at several sources for our signage needs and concluded that Mailbox Makeovers offered the quality products that will give us many years of service at a very competitive price.  We were pleased with the installation team and the care they exhibited in the placing of the posts, removal of the old material, and the design elements for ground level protection for the posts that they used. It was a pleasure to work with you.  Do not hesitate to use us as a reference for customers looking for quality and value for their mailbox and signage project needs.”

Duane Shryock, Treasurer and Project Coordinator
Hadfield Homeowner’s Association
Roswell, GA

Association Mailboxes

“We have been more than satisfied with the price and quality of the mailboxes and how quickly they came in and were installed.  All our interactions with Mailbox Makeovers has been professional and everyone is thrilled with the results.  We may do Street Signs next.”

Douglas Bork, Architectural Committee
Cabots Cove Homeowner Association
Alpharetta, GA



Standardized Mailboxes
“The work done in our neighborhood by Mailbox Makeovers has greatly enhanced the appearance and value of our homes. Our updated front entrance and new mailboxes have given our subdivision a more upscale look, which is more in keeping with the new neighborhoods around us.”

Nanette Davis
Timberlea Farms HOA
Marietta, GA

Maintenance Free Mailbox “Our experience working with Mailbox Makeovers has been wonderful. The people were professional and courteous. They took the time to do the job right and made return trips to ensure everyone was happy with the end results. The overall look of our neighborhood has greatly improved and has added value to our homes. I would definitely recommend Mailbox Makeovers to anyone.”

Ronda Rehmani
President, Hampton Glen HOA
West Cobb, GA

Development Signage
“Mailbox Makeovers offers a product line that is superior in quality to anything we found in a retail setting and in terms of quality for price, it is a terrific value to the homeowner. The team is professional, supportive and responsive; they were a genuine pleasure to work with. The installation team did a superb job. The work was done neatly and the homeowners were very happy with their installations. For a relatively small investment, the neighborhood received a quality product that has improved the cubside appeal of our community significantly.

Bill Newton
Penhurst Homeowners Association
East Cobb, GA

Mailboxes“As HOA president, I have never had an easier project. We hired Mailbox Makeovers for new mailboxes and street signs, and they did the rest. The company came to our annual meeting and showed off their products, we picked the box and he made it all happen. Delivery and installation happened sooner than I expected, the neighbors were thrilled with the results and everyone is extremely happy with the final product.”

Eve Kofsky
President, Chelsea Park HOA
Marietta GA

ß “We installed a message board to replace the wooden one that had become dilapidated. We looked and looked and finally found a suitable product from Mailbox Makeovers. We met the representative at the site and discussed our needs and he was able to provide the right solution at a reasonable cost. We are very satisfied with the new message board and it enhances the appearance of our neighborhood.”

Greg Kurzner
President, Windgate HOA


Street Signs

“One week after the sign was installed we had our semi-annual homeowners’ meeting. All those present who had seen the sign gave extremely favorable comments as to the appearance of the sign and how it was certainly in keeping with the look of existing street signs and our front entrance. They were very happy with the sign.”

Jim Wilson
President, Bishops Glen HOA

Outdoor Message Center “Well don’t hold me to just two sentences there is no way I can describe this product easily in just a couple of sentences. Our Association is thrilled with the message board and installation was as easy as a snap of our fingers! The installation team did a great job! We have had compliments galore over our message board and even other neighborhoods wanted info on where they can find one and how much the cost is and I must say the cost was easily absorbed due to the fact that we no longer have to send out flyers with info on Community events which unfortunately ended up all over the Community instead of in homeowners homes! Thank you for developing this product and anyone who is interested in getting information out in the Community should definitely order one. We absolutely love it!!!”

Deborah Presley
President, Glen Meadows POA

Notice Board“The St. Martin HOA Board really loves the board as our residents do not always read newsletters or notices from our management company in a timely manner. This is the perfect way to communicate bulletins to ensure that everyone in the community is informed of current “events” that may affect them. The design was a perfect match for our upgraded mailboxes — it really brings a lot of style and class to the front of the neighborhood. The purchase and installation of the message board was completely stress free. After an initial email to Mailbox Makeovers and a few phone calls, our new board was professionally installed and ready to use within a matter of weeks. We could not be happier with the entire purchasing process.”

Tara Termes
President, Saint Martin HOA

Outdoor Message Board “We looked at several different products for a neighborhood sign to post community notices. The signs offered by Mailbox Makeovers have a superior clean and distinctive look. They are not made out of wood and they are sealed to make them resistant to weather and water damage. The company was extremely responsive and easy to work with. The installation was done without a problem. We are extremely pleased with the results! No more cardboard signs taped to posts or clustered at the subdivision entrances!”

Linda Wilkinson
President, Camden Place Home Owners Association

Notice Board  “Sophisticated, Regal are just a few adjectives to describe the message board. I first saw the message board in a mailer. I presented the mailer to the Board of Directors gaining immediate approval to evaluate the product. The entire experience was basically turn-key from the first phone call to the final installation. I visited some other installations, took a few pictures, presented the pictures and the quote to the Board and Mailbox Makeovers did the rest. The members are complimentary and those who were placing tacky signs around our entrance have vanished. The company has earned 5 stars out of 5 in our opinion.”


Mo Steiner
President, Princeton Walk HOA
Marietta GA

All Weather Message Board“The message board is a great product, visually pleasing and good value for the money. Mailbox Makeovers delivered as promised. Installation was done professionally with no mess. All residents of the neighborhood absolutely love it. This was a good investment and money well spent!”

Alan Hill
President, Breckenridge HOA
Johns Creek GA