Q. Is the Outdoor Message Center weatherproof?

A.  Please note that the Outdoor Message Center is weather-resistant, not weather proof. Several features reduce the effect of weather and increase the product’s longevity, including:

  • The enclosure has a 9 inch overhand to help protect from the elements
  • Weatherstripping has been installed around the door (note: during a settling in period, the lock may need to be pushed in while locking, and door edges may not be flush with the case.)
  • Drain holes allow any moisture to escape
  • The backing has a weather resistant (self healing) vinyl covering instead of cork which is not very weather resistant.
  • The Letterboard insert has a vinyl covering

Q. Why is the Letterboard an insert?

A.  As an insert, the user has the option of using it in either letterboard or tackboard mode simply by removing the insert.  If heat or moisture cause any issues over time, the insert is readily replaceable without any installation or repair work.  (Note: the insert must be positioned to the left of the locking area to avoid interfering with the locking mechanism).

Q. What options are available for letterboard fonts and sizes?

A. The letterboard option comes with approximately 300 of 1-1/2″ Gothic letters (Note:  there is currently no letter for “@”).  Option 3 inch Roman letters can also be requested at an additional price.  With 1/4 inch grooves, any commercially available letterboard letters will fit.  (Note: some orientations facing the sun combined with the black vinyl can cause such intense heat that letter can become deformed.  Within the 1 year warranty period, one letterboard kit will be replaced at no charge if this occurs.)