Mailbox replacement evaluation guide

Click here to download a PDF copy of the guidelines

1. AESTHETICS – a mailbox’s appearance should make a positive statement about your house & neighborhood and increase the appeal of your subdivision.

    1. COLOR – black is popular currently, possibly with gold accents or numbers.
    2. STYLE – Some prefer a more ornate looking post and box while a more traditional style will also project an image of elegance. A square post is fine if there are touches of style in other places, and allows flowers to be planted around the base. A round fluted (scalloped edge) post is also fine and may provide style where people are not as likely to plant flowers.
    3. NUMBERING – you will want house numbers or a cast aluminum address plaque that complements the overall look of the mailbox.

2. CONSTRUCTION – prevent dents, broken hinges, rust, leaning posts, and other problems associated with existing cheap post and mailboxes.

  1. ALL ALUMINUM – aluminum will NEVER RUST or ROT so it is a great choice for both Post and Box. Don’t be fooled by those who mix aluminum and steel but lead you to believe it is all aluminum. If a magnet sticks to it, it is not aluminum!
  2. THICKNESS – look for posts or boxes that are “extruded” or “cast” since they are usually 1/8” or more thick and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Beware of boxes made of thin sheet metal, since this can dent easily. Get a sense of this by hitting the box and post with your fist.
  3. PAINT – the color should be Powder coated for durability (this process uses colorful polyester powders applied and then baked onto the metal). Non-powder coated boxes and posts often become highly faded and “chalky” after several years.
  4. HINGE – since the hinge is the most vulnerable part, you should look to be sure it is constructed well. Similarly, you should examine the red flag.
  5. REPLACEMENT PARTS – the entire mailbox system should have parts that can be readily replaced.
  6. NUMBERING – you will want durable house numbers or a cast aluminum address plaque that is 2-sided and will not readily fade or peel
  7. SIZE – now is also a good time to consider a larger size mailbox

3. PRICE – for the most part, you get what you pay for.

  1. HOW MUCH SHOULD A GOOD MAILBOX COST? – The best quality mailbox at Home Improvement stores are not ALL aluminum and cost about $300 – $400 (uninstalled). Shop around and you will see how much good quality mailboxes cost.
  2. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE — If you are getting a deal that seems too good to be true, then look a little closer to understand what you are NOT getting.
  3. INCREASES HOME VALUES – a small additional price paid now can easily make your neighborhood more appealing when it comes to resale value.

SUMMARY – a classy-looking and durable post and box at a reasonable price!

Click here to download a PDF copy of the guidelines