mailbox repairs

Mailbox Repair Request

Take several pictures that show us the style and damaged areas (include back of mailbox). You will be required to upload 1- 3 pictures of up to 3MB max file size each.

Complete the Request Form below.

Wait for an Email response.

Information about how we repair mailboxes 

  1. We can repair most metal mailboxes, especially if only the post or box is badly damaged.
  2. We can quote to install a customer-supplied mailbox system (provide a picture of what you bought).
  3. We can reweld brackets and parts if you have the broken pieces but it sometimes takes 2 trips unless we have refurbished parts. If we have to make 2 trips, we will leave a temporary mailbox in its place.
  4. We can paint posts and aluminum boxes and we can paint faded brass numbers gold. We do not paint cheaper steel boxes where the paint may peel and the hinges tend to rust.
  5. If a mailbox is badly damaged we may want a picture of a neighbor’s mailbox to be certain what it is supposed to look like.
  6. Pictures are sometimes reviewed by our repair expert and this may take a day or two.
  7. If our estimate is accepted by you, we send an email request for payment. After payment is made, it is entered into our work orders. Our repair person sets his own schedule and once entered into our work order system it usually will take about 5-7 days.

Before & After Photos – Your satisfaction is guaranteed!