How to Brand your Subdivision using Mailboxes

First impressions are important. All aluminum street signs, mailboxes, and outdoor bulletin boards can elevate the brand, aesthetic, and professionalism of any subdivision.

How are first impressions formed?  It is hard to say, right?  For a neighborhood, people may not consciously notice nice mailboxes, but they definitely notice if there are crooked or broken ones.  And usually ones that are wood stand out as “dated”.  Such impressions not only influence your neighborhood visitors but also can affect home values.

For example..


Aluminum mailboxes have become popular over the past 25 years because they hold up to the weather, they don’t rust, and are usually factory powder coated with black paint that lasts for many years.  Aluminum allows much more stylish shapes than a traditional square post. Check out this article for a more in depth description of our all aluminum products HERE.

Similarly, aluminum street sign posts are often used in place of less aesthetic ones put in by the county.

Check out a direct quote from a happy client who lives in the Hickory Springs subdivision in Kennesaw Georgia.

“Well, it’s standardized! Which looks much better. It keeps up the appearance of the neighborhood. And because they’re all aluminum they really do hold up better. Wood would have rotten out in no time.”

The Hickory Springs subdivision in Kennesaw is an excellent example of where the mailboxes and street signs complement each other.  The black powder coated aluminum posts and mailboxes give a sturdy yet stylish look and have none of the problems of wood.  Now more than 13 years after Mailbox Makeovers installed all new mailboxes and street signs, they are going strong.

You too have only one chance to make a first impression, so let us help your subdivision today!




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